Africana Studies

About the Program

About the Program
Africana Studies is an interdisciplinary program that addresses the histories, cultures and experiences of African peoples on the African continent and around the world. Students develop a comparative perspective on these topics in order to understand the rich network of linkages and exchanges among African people, their descendants and the various 'new worlds' in which those descendants made their lives.

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For more information about Africana Studies at Bard College or questions about this site:

Drew Thompson
Director of Africana Studies
Tel: 845-758-6822 x4600
Office: Hopson 303
Bard College
PO Box 5000
New York 12504-5000

The Concentration

Concentration in the program must be combined with a primary focus in a disciplinary program. Ideally, a student will moderate into Africana Studies and another program simultaneously. In the past, students have combined their interests in Africana Studies with art, history, anthropology, film, literature, environmental and urban studies, and art history.


Before moderation, students are expected to take at least three AFR cross-listed courses, including the core course, Introduction to Africana Studies (AFR 101). A student moderates into Africana Studies by presenting his or her board with the customary past and future papers, as well as a writing sample. The moderation board should include at least one Africana Studies core faculty member.

In the two years following moderation, students are required to take two additional Africana courses, including one 300 level seminar. The final year is devoted to the year long senior project. As with the moderation board, the senior project board should be composed of at least one Africana Studies core faculty member.